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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

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Student Support Social Coordinator, Ms Yvonne Shilowa from ORBIT TVET College, delivered a presentation on the Wellness Peer Mentors Programme, under the theme ‘The power of life skills and peer education’

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Minister of Small Business Development, Honourable Lindiwe Zulu (left) after unveiling the plaque.  She is pictured with Ms M Marais, Principal of ORBIT TVET College and Mr G Qonde, Director General at the Department of Higher Education and Training.

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Rustenburg Campus students represent North West at SA Senior

Managers and experts in the TVET Sector visit China

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Multitudes of TVET College Certificates have been cleared and are ready for collection

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