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The College/Campuses reserve the right to:
• Only offer courses/programmes that are justified by student numbers

• Change the location/venue of programme offering and/or cancel
the programmes

CENTRES OF SPECIALISATION INFO SHEET BRITS CAMPUS Tel: (012) 381 5700 e-mail: info@britscampus.co.za MANKWE CAMPUS Tel: (014) 555 2900 e-mail: info@mankwecampus.co.za ORBIT TVET COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION:

The Alumni Association of ORBIT TVET College has been initiated to:

1. Provide a platform for Networking and nurturing partnerships amongst Alumni.

2. Enable a follow-up, that is, Graduate Tracers, and

3. Promote and Marketing the College as well as the importance of the TVET Sector.

The Alumni Association comprises graduates of ORBIT TVET College. In order to join, the association, ORBIT College graduates are required to submit their details with the office of the Academic Support Officer.

Rustenburg Campus Name:	Ms Louise Marais Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Academic Tel:	(014) 597 5568 E-mail:	lmarais@orbitcollege.co.za Mankwe Campus Name:	Vacant Post Occupation:	Student Support  Officer Academic Tel:	(014) 555 2900 E-mail: Brits Campus Name:	Ms S Sebogodi Occupation:Student Support  Officer Academic Tel: Tel: (012) 381 5700 E-mail:	ssebogodi@britscampus.co.za Alumnus are requested to send their email to: Click here for Email